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Construction Debris

While working hard to complete a construction project, businesses are often faced with the messy task of clean-up. Construction supplies and debris need to be disposed of in a safe and secure manner, but not every business is equipped to do so at their facility. At Brewer Transfer Station, we are able to meet the unique disposal needs of a wide variety of construction and demolition projects while also ensuring safe and responsible disposal. 

Brewer Transfer Station offers a wide range of disposal services for construction debris materials, including wood, metal, appliances, furniture, cardboard, glass, tires, and more!

Do you need your construction or demolition debris transported directly to us? Do you have any amount of debris but no way to transport it to Brewer Transfer Station? We also offer commercial roll-off containers. Additionally, if your business has any amount of construction debris that needs to be disposed of, we are proud to offer construction dumpsters that can be delivered directly to your site. If you would like to apply for credit, you can do so right on our website. You can also schedule a construction dumpster delivery.

Acceptable Debris

We accept all of the following:

  • Wood, Treated and Non-treated
  • Brush and Tree Parts
  • Cardboard, Glass, Plastics #1-7, Paper, Tin Cans, and Aerosol Cans
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Metal
  • Appliances
  • Empty Barrels and Drums
  • Tires, Propane Tanks, Freon Units *
  • Bulk Waste (i.e., Furniture, Mattresses, Tarps, Rope, Netting)

* Freon units accepted with additional fee, see our fee schedule.

Brewer Transfer Station is conveniently located at 198 Dirigo Drive in Brewer, Maine and open to the public. Call today for more information. (207) 989-4000 

We’re picking up what you’re putting down!